Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have a Lisbon friend, that collect too, he talk with my friend Robert, from Serbia and make a trade with him.
I bought this 2 animals from Serbia, that in portugal, never more will stay in shops.

Appaloosa stallion

Jack Russel dog

And my Lisbon friend give me this 2 toys for surprise:

Bull from Collecta

Boer dwarft

All together

My litte farm expose:

My new 2011 horse
Pinto Stallion

Monday, December 20, 2010

Some new's from me

Hi everyone, i've some new's for you..

1- I'm creating a stable, but i don't have finish them until now.. I post some pictures of my work (all of photos is in my garage)..

I've made all walls from my stable, but here are just 3, i don't shot, because i just make yesterday..

2- My new addition, a rabbit from 1996, that will get out in 2011.. And i made a little home form him .. His name is Moisés, because i has,  in past, a rabbit, and this, is really like real Moisés, so, that's it :P

And his home:

3- My old stable, too made by me.. Isn't complete yet ..

4- My first horse repaint.. I know that is bad painting, but my sister like it so much, so i give to her his little horse, that in our farm, make the papper of Pony :P



Him, near Moisés :P

Well, i will tell you a top secret, i don't paint the horse with a pencil, but with a swab!!! :O

I know that i'm crazy ehehehe


I hope you enjoy!! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My this week new additions! :)

13603 - Lipizzaner Mare
Hi everyone, this is my new additions (this week)..

I will post my collection soon :)

I have the photos.. I will post them! :)
13602 - Bode - Dwarf
13285 - Lamb standing

13266 - Sheep

13283 - Sheep

I really love them, because i've complete the Dwarf family and the Sheep family! :)

This horse is my old horse, from 2001! :) The sheep's are from 2002 and 2003 :)


Friday, December 10, 2010

About me

Hello everyone.. This is my blog and here you can see what i like.. My life, my Schleich collection, my hobbies, etc :)

I pass almost all of my time seeing this Animals figures's Forum:

If you have some animals, by so small that is your collection, register yourself.. You really will love this forum! Thanks for everyone that receive me really well! :)